The Australian Chapter of BDSRA


Contributions and fundraising activities provide the funding towards worldwide medical science, as the scientists continue to work tirelessly to find the answers to the Batten Disease mystery.  To-date, the Chapter seeks public support to continue its informational support service and with an ultimate aim of furthering research work in Australia and abroad.  In the near future, it is hoped to have raised enough funding to bring more scientific expertise to Australia, as "The Cure Depends on Us".   

“For all the children who have passed away from Batten Disease,
 for those now enduring their struggle and for those yet to be diagnosed.”


Fundraising can be carried out in many forms and in all situations creates much needed awareness.  It is most likely that a young person affected by Batten Disease has touched your heart.  We each want to help in some way and fundraising is a rewarding and satisfying way of making a difference.  Once you have decided which way you would like to involved, a BDSRA contact person will be happy to support you in your endeavours. 

YOU can help the Australian Chapter of the BDSRA to assist the many affected familiesAll Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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Batten disease is a relatively rare disorder in the Australian community and much awareness is needed: 

  • Without awareness, this rare disease remains unknown and often misdiagnosed; 
  • It is essential that an Association such as this exists and can be accessed for the carers, teachers and field specialists in all States to provide the network of understanding, care and practical help that will be needed to be able to cope with the demands of an affected child;

PLEASE help us to keep the awareness momentum moving forward

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