The Australian Chapter of BDSRA

No Government funding is provided and our fundraising mission is two-fold:

  • to provide information and referral in relation to care management of persons affected by Batten Disease; and
  • to ensure that many worthy research areas continue to be investigated by the scientists as well as.  Currently, we are raising funds to allow research to develop further towards therapeutic trials, becoming a reality for all young children and adults.

Making a Donation

There are several secure options for making a donation to the Batten Disease cause.  For full details Click here


Purchase (or selling) ‘Battens’ keepsake Merchandise

The BDSRA has created an array of Keepsake ‘Battens’ merchandise items of which you can purchase or sell on our behalf.  Items include:

1.    Bears, pens, highlighters, water bottles, wristbands  – Click here for ful details on all items and order processes

2.    Paperback Book “Perils of Motorcycling” - Click here for full details on how to purchase your copy.  All book sale proceeds are received by the BDSRA.

3.    Battens “Anniversary Wine/Port” celebrating 15 years of support - Click here for full details about the wine and orderin .

Fundraiser Kits and Volunteering

If you would like to host a fundraising event, there are many occasions that are worthy of fundraising, whether it is a Benefit night, Trivia night, sausage sizzle, fun day – just to name a few.  A BDSRA person can help you on your way.  Additionally, to also assist you with fundraising, you can request a ‘Fundraiser Kit’ which will include guiding information and relevant donation and other forms.  Please email the Awareness Promoter at for further information.

To download a volunteer application form, click here.


Fun Run/Walks - Nationwide

Enter your favourite local fun run or walk and support Battens.  Purchase a T-shirt and create important awareness whilst gaining sponsors to support your goal.  Put together a team or just to challenge yourself.  Your own fundraising page can be created at Every Day Hero in which your sponsorship will be forwarded directly to this charity and a receipt issued to your donor.  It’s a fun day out as well as for a great cause!!

Find an event to participate in by clicking on these links for:

**  the 2015 events where you can register and support Battens;

**  find a supporter to sponsor.  visit Everyday Hero's website 

Donation Collection Tins

The Donation Tins serve two purposes for the Batten Disease cause: - 1) to raise awareness in the community, and 2) to raise much needed funds.

Volunteers are able to acquire either of these two sized tins for distribution in their community or for use at events. Simple instructions are given to the volunteer on how to co-ordinate the collection of the Tins and an arrangement is held with our relevant Bank for the depositing of tins.

Click here for pictures and details about ordering Tins.

Corporate Partners/Sponsors

The BDSRA welcomes sponsorship or in-kind support to assist the success of its mission.

We thank the community for their support to the BDSRA in the past and with special recognition to the following organizations/persons:

Oasis Printing, Long Jetty NSW – Jenny and Mick Collins

CUT Computers, Long Jetty NSW – Dieter

News Queensland, Brisbane QLD – Darren Klaassen

Please contact  if you are able to offer support or would like to discuss opportunities.

On-Line Fundraising Option

Another way people can donate to the BDSRA is by using the ‘Everyday Heroes’ website. This website enables you to create your own fundraising page which is a great idea for any fundraising activity but particularly if you are participating in something like a Sponsor event e.g. City to Surf. Everyday Heroes is a protected site where people can donate money safely to the charity of their choice to benefit their fundraising activity. You can set this up easily yourself by visiting the Everyday Hero site at:

Click the ‘Start Fundraising now’ link on the homepage and fill in all the relevant details.

Workplace Donation Scheme

This is where an employer organises for its participating employees to contribute a small donation from their pay to a Charity. Many Companies are involving their staff in this payroll deduction scheme as it is also tax deductible.  Also known as give-as-you earn programs, workplace giving programs allow employees to donate money on a regular basis to one or more deductible gift recipients directly through their pay.

A DGR is a charity that is entitled to receive tax deductible donations (such as BDSRA).

People participating in workplace giving programs benefit because they no longer need receipts and they can get the tax benefit every time they donate through their pay, rather than waiting to claim in their annual tax return.

Please contact  if you would like to enquire about participating in this program.