The Australian Chapter of BDSRA

As yet, no specific treatment is known that can halt or reverse the symptoms of Batten disease. However, seizures can be reduced or controlled with anti-convulsant drugs, and other medical problems can be treated appropriately as they arise. At the same time, physical and occupational therapy can help patients retain function as long as possible.

Attention is been focussed on controlling some of the cell chemistry through dietary trials including fish oils and anti-oxidants. There are other studies also being carried out in the USA, UK, Australia and the Netherlands. However, so far these treatments have not prevented the final outcome of the disease.

Support and understanding can help patients and families cope with the profound disability and loss of cognitive function caused by NCLs. Often, support groups enable affected children, adults, and families to share common concerns and experiences.

Meanwhile, scientists pursue medical research that could someday (hopefully in the near future), yield an effective treatment. More government and public support are needed to provide the resources to help them.